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Model Call Release

A photography model call is a call for new subjects to serve as models for your work, usually with the expectation of some type of perk for participating. Essentially, you ask new or existing clients to participate in a session with you, either for free, for a discount or for some other special incentive. Model calls require no professional model experience. 

By agreeing/signing up for a Blosser & Co. Model call, you are agreeing to the terms in their entirety. 

Please note, not all Model Call sessions are 100% free and may include certain stipulations and additional payments that will be publicly noted by the photographer prior to the session agreement. There will be no surprise invoices. 

As a model you will receive a photo session chosen, designed and controlled by the photographer. The model may not make any changes to the shoot unless otherwise communicated with the photographer. All models are required to wear the chosen outfit to fit the mood the photographer is trying to achieve. If appropriate attire is not at hand, model must purchase if they wish to be apart of a model call session. Models must arrive to the exact location and time set by the photographer. Those who do not arrive ON-TIME may never be selected for a Model Call shoot in the future. MODELS ARE REQUIRED TO SHARE THE ORIGINAL AD THEY ARE MODELING FOR AND ATLEAST ONE IMAGE FROM THEIR SESSION ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE AND TAG BLOSSER & CO. 

Models also give full permission for all images taken during the session to be published in any manner, including (but not limited to) social media, public advertisements and magazine submissions. 

In return for the models time and patience they will receive FIVE fully-edited high resolution digital images available for download. Models will also receive 10% off any other future services, additional images if available and print products. Models will also receive the entire right to print the selected five images chosen from their session. However, if photographer suspects theft of images model may not be selected for future model calls or sessions. Theft includes but is not limited to SCREENSHOTTING images with watermarks. MODELS MAY NOT ALTER IMAGES in any way including but not limited to editing or cropping. Un-edited or RAW images will NOT be given out. 

As model does hold the right to print images at their own risk, it is highly advised model purchases prints through the photographer for best high quality prints. 

Photographer also holds the entire rights to the length of the session and will deem the amount of time necessary. Model may in no way shape or form disrupt the time of the session in a purposeful matter. If additional time is requested by model a session fee will need to be discussed prior to session for appropriate time management. 



By signing you are agreeing to the terms of this model call contract

Thanks for submitting!

 last updated on July 16th, 2021

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